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The history of SK Group goes back almost more than 100 years. The foundation stone was laid in 1907 as an outcome of forefathers endeavor; by fruitfully utilizing their vast experience and technical knowledge in traditional trading of consumer items in general and food & agro products in particular in the region of sub-continent. We are proud of that heritage and of the many milestones en route to our today's leading position.

The inherited knowledge and experience along with vision of business development on modern techniques, professional commitment and continuous growth in business skills have made SK GROUP a multi-dimensional group of companies.

Today, we are recognized for high quality products, complete customer satisfaction and professional commitments. SK GROUP is operating through


From its establishment up to today the development process of SK Group has never stopped. Besides trading, we have our long term investments in agriculture and industrial sectors. The crown of SK Group is sparkling with jewels of renowned & well established own Brands for a number of consumer products and also representing a number of multinational companies for their various products. We also have the arrangements to supply products on OEM basis and with third party brand as per customer’s requirements. We always look for the establishment of long term partnerships with our clients for the development of brand recognition and stability.